Monday, 22 August 2011

Glimpses of Strangers

 For our trip to Assisi on my family holiday in the Italian countryside I thought i'd emulate the great Jean Shrimpton who shocked society in the 60s by wearing a plain white dress to the races, she didn't even wear a hat. The scandal! Assisi is one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen, all cream 12th century stone that has recently been renovated so for a medieval town it was wonderfully clean. It reminded me a little of Minas Tirith in Lord of the Rings (yes very geeky reference) because of the way it was walled in and part of a hill. Despite its beauty, in terms of photographs the town had little appeal for me since it has always been people who peak my interest.

My sister Alexandra was the muse of my Italian trip, I just couldn't stop taking photos of her especially when she wore my 70s felt hat. One delicate quality that was given to her by the damaging in all other ways Downs Syndrome is that she will be eternally angelic and childlike and I think it shows in these photos.

What is it with my old man obsession? All the time that I wasn't photographing my sister it was strangers that were targeted. And what makes it worse is that I'm not audacious enough to walk up to people to take their picture, I would get my father to stand in front and to the side of my intended subject and just gradually swing the camera round. It wasn't very subtle! All I can think is how would I react if a Chinese tourist came up to me on Oxford Street and  tried to take my picture, I'd be horrified!

I liked the dynamics of this photograph set off by the way the woman was leaning, I took quite a few pictures of people at this fountain. I found it interesting to sit at a nearby cafe and wonder what they were wishing for when they dropped their coins in.

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