Friday, 30 September 2011

Designer Envy, Allesandra Rich

So whilst getting a little/a lot prematurely excited about the Trinity Ball in Summer I came across this designer on Net-A-Porter. Her winter style is similar to Malene Birger's in that it's plenty of flowing brooding black lace but its contrasted with dresses of bright white and sharp tailoring. Rich definitely puts an edge on couture gowns.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Week in September

  Hooray Hooray my best friend is back from Argentina where she's been spending time with her gaucho lover. I wasn't sure she'd come back to be honest! I thought i'd test the focus on my camera by taking a photograph of her incredible eye, bright blue but with a splodge of brown in it.

Beautiful Beautiful Shoes

 I found these in Topshop, unfortunately I have so many pairs of heels that I already don't wear. I can never be bothered with them to be honest (I know probably serious fashion faux pas). So thought i'd better leave them but they are so lovely to look at. Just love the animal print.

My Old Fashioned Camel Coat

Camel coat from a vintage shop in Belfast, leather leggings from Whistles, grey, suede shoe boots from ASOS and white, chiffon shirt from American Apparel.

From London to Dublin

Things have very rapidly changed in the last half week, I feel slightly out of my depth now being a plane journey away from my favourite place in the world. However admittedly Dublin is a pretty cool city. There are lots of old industrial buildings around including a nightclub called Tripod that was once a train station, the university itself is based around Oxford and Cambridge and so has a lovely campus full of grand arches, pillars and domes. To access the history and philosophy society one must walk up creaky red carpeted stairs with wood panelled walls and ancient oil paintings. Not surprising that the site has been picked for an upcoming Bollywood film, though I can't say that Trinity will fit in with glittering, dancing Indians dressed in all colours of the rainbow. We'll see. At some point in the future i'll take my DSLR camera out and get some pictures of Dublin up. 

Monday, 12 September 2011

Designer Envy, Malene Birger

By contrasting sumptuous black and nude for her AW11 collection Malene Birger has softened the somewhat daring "fetish" trend of this season.

Love that these leather braces add interest so that's its not just a white dress.

Photos by:
Copenhagen Fashion Week®

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Fur Cuffed Jacket

Yesss! Got the jacket I blogged about last month and finally it's come to the time when I can wear it. However the confusing month that is September means it's pretty warm still so I've paired it with a Summery white dress. 

These photos were taken in the wreck that was my conservatory, right now my whole family is now crowded into the basement, serious cabin fever feeling.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Photographers I adore 2, Chris Craymer

Chris Craymer's book Romance can be compared to Ellen Von Unwerth's Couples in it contains a lot of very beautiful people many of which give the appearance of being in love. However whilst Unwerth's couples tend to be glamorous, dressed to the Nines and cast in an erotic light, Chris Craymer concentrates on the more intimate yet ordinary moments of love. Lazy days spent in bed, walks and picnics in pretty fields. Lots of his photos have a quaint country feel to them. The love he tries to express is made more realistic by the fact that he used real couples. My favourite photographs are the ones with the coupled objects; the two cups side by side, one with a smear of lipstick, the knickers laying together on the radiator.

This photograph leaves up to the imagination what the couple were doing to get these wet, a waterfight, a naked swim in the river. Both the type of things that Craymer would use as inspiration.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Silhouettes on a crowded beach and Other Tobagonians

Just returned from another photo inspiring holiday, this time in Tobago. It's the first time I've been in three years though my family has a house there and I'd forgotten how vibrant and colourful it is, and so hot! It couldn't have been more different from the Western sharp sophistication that was Italy. Instead of stalking old Italian men in farmer hats I was stalking Rastafarians with dreadlocks and turbans.

I loved that when taking pictures towards the sun the figures of the people swimming were silhouetted, the dark skin of the local Tobagonians emphasized this effect. As you might have gathered by now i'm fairly obsessed with silhouettes.

There's this bar on the beach called Bago's Bar with a perfect vantage point of the sunsets. They're also pretty infamous for their deadly rum punches which tend to leave out the punch. At first I was fairly annoyed at this Trinidadian guy for blocking my view of the sunset but when taking a picture I
 thought the way he was framed looked pretty cool. 

What can i say, it's a guy walking around with a coconut on his head, of course I was going to take this picture. 

It's pretty incredible how much greenery there is on the island from rain forests to mangrove swamps. It's the same old story though, loads of it is getting torn down to make room for industrial business and housing. Without both of which the island couldn't survive. Tricky issue.