Saturday, 13 August 2011

Winter Style Blues

For a lot of women winter brings the welcome return of jeans and my personal all time favourite items jackets and coats. (It's summer and yet somehow I've already managed to buy two winter coats, one of which is thick fur). However for others winter is thought of as a pretty dull time for fashion, though the fashion magazines get thicker around Autumn the imagination withers as the cool bohemian look dies and skinny jeans and leggings are brought out of the wardrobe. Having myself for the first time got really into the summer spirit with clothes and having a feather braid in my hair and henna on my hand I feel a bit overwhelmed by the return of winter and worst of all, the return of the dreaded Ugg boot. They're like the crocs of the cold season.

The jacket below which i found whilst browsing ASOS got me excited about the colder months ahead. It's a new brand called Nishe. The whole collection appears to use different decades as inspiration and that appealed to the geeky historian in me. The jackets have a Victorian look to them and the dress below sixties "mod" inspired and might have been worn by Twiggy. This is followed by a suit outfit that you might expect the Queen to where at a royal event. Though it's not all to my taste I appreciate the originality of the collection, it's all a breath of fresh air from the typical military style that normally comes out around this time of year.

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