Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Crockery Orgasm

The markets of Sapa were full of painstakingly painted opium pots and pipes, couldn't help bringing a couple home with me. (Caused absolute hell at customs, I couldn't help but thinking how cliche and obvious security were to think a gap year student would be coming home with drugs stored in a pot from a market).

I've never seen such odd kinds of fruits until Vietnam, one called dragon fruit was particularly strange looking, the pink spiky one on the right in the collage.

I bought a mini pipe as well that I'm in love with and tried to smoke with tobacco from my cheap Cambodian cigarettes, kind of worked....

The Hmong people, indigenous to the North mountain area of Vietnam and absolutely hilarious. As you sit in a cafe in Sapa you can see ten of them following one tourist down the street, it didn't get irritating because they were very entertaining whilst selling. Their outfits were absolutely incredible, they would all wear a very dark navy blue embroidered with bright  colours, I ended up buying a short jacket in the Hmong style, can't see myself walking down the streets of London in it, even somewhere as indie as Camden but its nice to have.

Though the rest of Vietnam had little impact on me, it seemed confused whether it was East or West, I would recommend Sapa to anyone. 

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