Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tribute to the Star Spangled Banner

Tribute to the Star Spangled Banner

I would say that I have a tempestuous love/hate relationship with America. Recently I visited Cuba and Vietnam, two places that have reason to resent the interfering nature of American government.  In the early 1960’s CIA tried to have some high ranking members of the Mafia to assassinate Fidel Castro, according to The Guardian the CIA have tried 638 times (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2006/aug/03/cuba.duncancampbell2). Though I don’t necessarily approve of Communism I believe that their political orientation is their own business and how ever close Cuba might be to America, it is not it’s annex.

However there are some categories in which American influence has been wholly positive. Namely for me literature,  music and fashion. 

America gave me the two bands that produced my favourite songs, Dream On by Aerosmith and November rain by Guns n’ Roses

Don’t know if it’s the massive afro that mysteriously hides his face or the cigarette that always hangs languidly from his mouth but I can’t help fancying the fuck out of Slash.

My favourite kind of American literature is from the beat generation of the 1950’s. Characters such as Neal Cassady were exploring in excess with drugs, sex and alcohol and interested in Eastern religion. Apart from the latter it sounds like any other restless teenage generation. Having just been to Asia I can really see the interest in Buddhism and Hinduism. As well as fascinating beliefs the artefacts that accompany the religion are really cool. I came home with fat smiling Buddha pendants, jade Kanesh’s and wooden Ganesh statues.
Jack Kerouac immortalised Cassady forever in the novel “On the Road”, possibly about to be ruined by a film with the casting of Kristen Stewart.

Other American Greats:
Anything by Hunter S Thompson- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Rum Diary

Bret Easton Ellis- American Pyscho, Glamorama
Chuck Palahniuk –Choke, Rant and most famously Fight Club
William S Borroughs- The Naked Lunch

And the typical choices, but ones that definitely shouldn’t be excluded:
Mark Twain- The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,
F Scott Fitzgerald- The Great Gatsby, Diamond as big as the Ritz, The Beautiful and the Damned.
Margaret Mitchell- Gone with the Wind

Native American,
Nothing beats Feathers, Fringe and Suede

For this look and awesome DIY clothes check out the blog 

And the Flag itself 
Those three classic colours and the stars make a statement to anything you wear.


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