Monday, 18 July 2011

The Influence of Sex in Fashion. The Four.

With the arrival of the "Fetish" trend to Autumn 2011 catwalks I thought i'd dedicate some posts to the important role that sex can play in fashion.  For me there are four things which over the decades no one has been able to get enough of.
                                                                What is it about?


A lot of my friends find it strange that since leaving school I've started smoking as I used to be a most irritatingly zealous anti-smoking dictator and would set out on vendettas to prevent my friends from becoming addicted. Despite being anti I couldn't help but be obsessed by all aspects of smoking. Maybe it's the whole breaking out of the strict boarding school thing that finally turned me, going off the rails in rebellion of my upbringing and all that crap. Maybe it's because of my new found love of classic Hollywood films such as Gilda (i have the most inappropriate girl crush on Rita Hayworth) and Casablanca or even the series Mad Men where no character is ever caught without a cigarette in their hand. Whatever it was I started and now I can't get enough of smoking and everything that goes with it.
My current most wanted items are a silver vintage cigarette case (made young and acceptable again by Mila Kunis in Black Swan with an alternative use of ecstasy pill container) and a cigarette holder.

Lara Stone, finally a high fashion model with some curves.


Linked to Smoke, cigarettes draw attention to the mouth after all, are lips. I just can't get enough of them, the photo below of three girls kissing is one of my all time favourites. It's by Terry Richardson, son of the photographer Bob Richardson who did the photograph above, guess some things really do run in the family. Thinking this is where my penchant for red lipstick sprung from.

Black Lace

This must be one of the sexiest dresses ever made, and to think that Natalia Vodianova had already had a baby when she wore it.  

If sex was a colour, it would be red. Whether in the form of red lips, dresses or even that hint of glossy red on the bottom of a Louboutin shoe it draws the eye 

I don't know what did it. My obsession with lrd's (long red dresses) probably stemmed from that "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" scene where Jessica Rabbit emerges in her glitttering red number that despite being a gown, appears to be hardly there. 

Valentino, the king of the lrd. The day I have a proper job and guiltily spend a few months wages on my first designer dress it'll be a Valentino. 

Blake Lively in a particularly show stopping number even for her by Versace.

This picture's quite random but i've always had a thing for baths. The petals are pretty cool, the model looks like a modern day sexy Ophelia.

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