Friday, 9 September 2011

Photographers I adore 2, Chris Craymer

Chris Craymer's book Romance can be compared to Ellen Von Unwerth's Couples in it contains a lot of very beautiful people many of which give the appearance of being in love. However whilst Unwerth's couples tend to be glamorous, dressed to the Nines and cast in an erotic light, Chris Craymer concentrates on the more intimate yet ordinary moments of love. Lazy days spent in bed, walks and picnics in pretty fields. Lots of his photos have a quaint country feel to them. The love he tries to express is made more realistic by the fact that he used real couples. My favourite photographs are the ones with the coupled objects; the two cups side by side, one with a smear of lipstick, the knickers laying together on the radiator.

This photograph leaves up to the imagination what the couple were doing to get these wet, a waterfight, a naked swim in the river. Both the type of things that Craymer would use as inspiration.

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