Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Week in September

  Hooray Hooray my best friend is back from Argentina where she's been spending time with her gaucho lover. I wasn't sure she'd come back to be honest! I thought i'd test the focus on my camera by taking a photograph of her incredible eye, bright blue but with a splodge of brown in it.

Beautiful Beautiful Shoes

 I found these in Topshop, unfortunately I have so many pairs of heels that I already don't wear. I can never be bothered with them to be honest (I know probably serious fashion faux pas). So thought i'd better leave them but they are so lovely to look at. Just love the animal print.

My Old Fashioned Camel Coat

Camel coat from a vintage shop in Belfast, leather leggings from Whistles, grey, suede shoe boots from ASOS and white, chiffon shirt from American Apparel.

From London to Dublin

Things have very rapidly changed in the last half week, I feel slightly out of my depth now being a plane journey away from my favourite place in the world. However admittedly Dublin is a pretty cool city. There are lots of old industrial buildings around including a nightclub called Tripod that was once a train station, the university itself is based around Oxford and Cambridge and so has a lovely campus full of grand arches, pillars and domes. To access the history and philosophy society one must walk up creaky red carpeted stairs with wood panelled walls and ancient oil paintings. Not surprising that the site has been picked for an upcoming Bollywood film, though I can't say that Trinity will fit in with glittering, dancing Indians dressed in all colours of the rainbow. We'll see. At some point in the future i'll take my DSLR camera out and get some pictures of Dublin up. 

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