Thursday, 8 September 2011

Silhouettes on a crowded beach and Other Tobagonians

Just returned from another photo inspiring holiday, this time in Tobago. It's the first time I've been in three years though my family has a house there and I'd forgotten how vibrant and colourful it is, and so hot! It couldn't have been more different from the Western sharp sophistication that was Italy. Instead of stalking old Italian men in farmer hats I was stalking Rastafarians with dreadlocks and turbans.

I loved that when taking pictures towards the sun the figures of the people swimming were silhouetted, the dark skin of the local Tobagonians emphasized this effect. As you might have gathered by now i'm fairly obsessed with silhouettes.

There's this bar on the beach called Bago's Bar with a perfect vantage point of the sunsets. They're also pretty infamous for their deadly rum punches which tend to leave out the punch. At first I was fairly annoyed at this Trinidadian guy for blocking my view of the sunset but when taking a picture I
 thought the way he was framed looked pretty cool. 

What can i say, it's a guy walking around with a coconut on his head, of course I was going to take this picture. 

It's pretty incredible how much greenery there is on the island from rain forests to mangrove swamps. It's the same old story though, loads of it is getting torn down to make room for industrial business and housing. Without both of which the island couldn't survive. Tricky issue.

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